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  • Business Development: Commercial & Military Program Management,  Representation, and Support Services
  • Engineering Design, R&D, and Certification Services 
  • Systems Integration
  • Sales & Parts Distribution
  • Technical Support
  • Test, Repair, Overhaul and Sensor Recertification Services

Benz Airborne Systems offers business development, engineering design, R&D, certification, systems integration, sales, parts distribution, technical support, test, repair, overhaul and sensor recertification amongst other services.

Our program managers and engineers work directly with the FAA, our commercial, military and DOD customers and both major equipment operators and original equipment manufacturers to design, develop, certify and install the most advanced systems and kits onto aircraft and other program platforms. We perform qualification testing, both electrical and environmental, and also structural design and analysis capabilities with the latest technology to ensure that the systems and kits will survive in their specific installation environments and that they are built to custom fit the applications intended. In addition, we also provide documentation in the form of engineering drawings, service bulletins, weight and balance analysis, electrical load analysis, manual updates, structural analysis, job cards, manual updates, engineering orders and any other substantiating documents needed to maintain the configuration of a customer's retrofit.

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